Discover our complete offer for home fencing

Publié le : 11/16/2020 17:37:14
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Discover our complete offer for home fencing

It is THE solution to practice fencing safely at home.

Different products are available according to the age and the level of practice:

- Foam swords: do not represent any danger and can be used from 3 years old.
- Plastic weapons (foil, sabre or epee according to your practice) + plastic mask ( /! the wearing of the mask is compulsory in this case): do not forget the accessories for the weapon (fly + shell). Can be used from 6 years old.
- The wireless device Wireless : For couples of experienced fencers who can't do without the pistes and who train with their foil or metal epee.

The whole range is available here

Practice freely and safely.... but confined!

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