Prieur Sports, a Company, people

Founded in 1788, PRIEUR-SPORTS is a FRENCH company specialized in the manufacture of fencing equipment of the equipping of fencing rooms and competition spaces.

Prieur Sports is:

- A company in the heart of Burgundy, with a factory of 1800 m2.

- A dynamic, competent, experienced and dedicated team.

- A material constantly perfected, exported and appreciated in more than 50 countries

- An indisputable technological advancement.

- A team of trained technicians who provide assistance in competitions every weekend.

- A team highly experienced in the design and installation of fencing rooms.

There are more than 150 specific and multipurpose rooms in France and abroad among our assets.

Our facilities have been approved by the supervisory bodies, APAVE, AFFITEST, etc ...

This dynamism, this competition, this experience, this dedication, we are eager to spread them on the Web.

This dynamism, this competition, this experience, this dedication, we would be honoured and satisfied to share them with you to ensure the success of our projects,




 An industrial know-how for reliable and quality material, easy to use, made in France (more than 80% of our catalog).
 A constant innovation to be at the forefront of safety. Compliance with FFE and FIE rules.

 Guarantee of fast shipping, in France and around the world.

 A team of passionate and skilled professionals at your service, whether you are tirador, weapons master, chief of weapons room or organizer of competitions.