In this category, you will find all our PRIEUR SPORTS fencing masks for epee, foil and sabre.

Our PRIEUR SPORTS fencing masks are the result of our 200-year-old heritage. Our innovation in R&D, committed for many years, has been concretized by the registration of 2 patents, leading to the manufacture of the best masks on the market.

Did you know that?

In 1844, we invented the perfected fencing mask, which is made from a piece of cold-stamped metal mesh. More recently, we filed a patent in 1986, which is based on major safety innovations:

– the stainless-steel ring, grooved, placed between the front face and the gallery of the mask on which the PVC ring that positions the bib is placed. This stainless-steel ring considerably reinforces the solidity of the metal frame of the mask and that makes all the difference!

The front of the mask and the gallery are spot welded around the entire circumference of the ring.

– The stainless-steel spoiler holds the bib perfectly at the neck and prevents the blade from passing through.

Experts in the manufacture of our masks, we attach particular importance to quality control (100%), at all stages of manufacture to ensure you THE best safety in the world.

In addition to safety and comfort, we have also thought about aesthetics.

Neutral colors or bright colors, you will find the mask that suits your style in our wide range of fencing masks!

We offer 2 categories of masks. Our “HR” (high resistance) masks offer a minimum blade penetration resistance of 350N, and our “FIE” masks, made of stainless steel, offer a minimum blade penetration resistance of 1600N, and are mandatory for any international competition.

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