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You are looking for a fencing outfit with the best possible comfort, the best safety, the best materials? Our PRIEUR SPORTS fencing clothing range is made for you!

Our fencing pants and jackets have been designed by a Parisian stylist and are entirely handmade in our workshop in the heart of Burgundy.

As passionate fencers, we have been constantly developing our fencing outfits for years so that they stand the test of time while providing you with maximum comfort and safety. We select our fabrics and components with the utmost care to offer you the most elaborate fencing clothes on the market!

Fencing clothing must offer you maximum protection and allow you the freedom of movement necessary for your practice. Depending on the age category, quality and safety standards, fencing clothing fabrics can range from 350N to 800N of resistance.

The equipment is the basis of the practice of fencing. Therefore, we have made for you the best fencing clothes and we offer you a large collection to allow you to equip yourself perfectly and to train in excellent conditions.

For training as well as for competitions, fencing clothes respecting the regulations are required.

PRIEUR SPORTS offers you a unique style and comfort with our WIDE selection of fencing clothes!

Worldwide delivery: 2 to 10 days.

Payment secured by Crédit Agricole.

Advice by telephone from Monday to Friday.