Once upon a time

French fencing

La maison Prieur, born in 1788, is the oldest fencing brand in the world and the only French fencing equipment house more than two hundred years old.



We are the custodians of a rich and unique French manufacturing history. We continue to write this story every day, staying true to our heritage while pointing our sword to the future.


La liberté guidant le peuple

La maison Prieur born in the midst of the French Revolution

In 1788, the Prieur brand was born with the opening of a first shop specializing in the manufacture of gloves of all kinds including fencing gloves.



Mr. Prieur revolutionizes the world of fencing

Tired of selling ugly and often grotesque fencing outfits, Mr. Prieur decided one day to give them the touch of aesthetics that would make him the ambassador of an elegant and refined fencing. The French Prieur touch was born. All the fencers of France and elsewhere jostle at his shop to discover a unique selection of fabrics, models, shades. Prieur outfits mark the beginning of a new era in which allure and elegance are now an integral part of the sport’s identity.

Livre inventions Prieur Sports


The Prieur brand filed a patent for the creation of the first advanced fencing mask: “characterized by the use of a single piece of canvas or metal mesh stamped to the appropriate shape to constitute the complete mask”



Brevet coquille décentrée épée

Prieur files a patent for a new off-center shell for French sword to better protect the hand of the shooter



The Prieur brand files a patent for the creation of a foil frame with screws and constant adjustment

Brevet de fleuret à vis Prieur



The Prieur brand grows with the creation of two boutiques and inaugurates a Prieur weapons room in Paris

Boutique escrime Prieur



Lucien Gaudin becomes Olympic champion Prieur epee in hand

The Prieur brand consecrates its reputation in the hands of the double Olympic champion, Lucien Gaudin who had chosen the Prieur epee among all.

Lucien Gaudin
Affiche Prieur l'ami des escrimeurs


Prieur becomes Prieur Sports

Prieur becomes Prieur Sports,the friend of fencers. A new name symbol of the brand’s commitment to high-level competitors and a slogan that still resonates today around the slopes.


Prieur is at its peak. It is the emblematic brand of competitors.

The company Prieur is established in Montceau-Les-Mines, in the Saône-et-Loire, cradle of steel know-how. The technicality of the models then gains in excellence and the aura of the brand is then considerable. It is the emblematic brand of the discipline and supplies the teams at major international sporting events.

Fabrication d'un masque d'escrime Prieur Sports
Compétition d'escrime en 1986
Logo Miss Univers


Sparkling at Miss Universe

Prieur, On aura tout vu et Swarovsky habillent Alicia Ayles
Prieur miss France Alicia Aylies

Prieur parades in the Miss Universe contest. The brand makes a mask decorated with Swarovski crystals and a epee especially for Miss France 2017, Alicia Aylies.

105 ans de la FIE - Escrime du futur


Fencing of the future

Prieur offers his vision of the fencing of the future on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the FIE at the Grand Palais in Paris as a prelude to the Olympic Games Paris 2024


Rally & Rise : A new era


The company was taken over by Didier Contrepois and the workshops were transferred to Genlis in Côte d’Or in 2016. Gradually, the company is recovering from its superb and aims to once again become the flagship of the fencing market by aiming for global leadership.

Rally&Rise becomes the new rallying cry of the French brand which now sports a new logo, symbol of its commitment and deep attachment to fencing and its entire community of enthusiasts.


Back in paris

La Maison Prieur re-opens its jewel of passion in Paris

The brand is back stronger and reconnects with its history by setting up, as in 1800, its shop in Paris.
In a warm and refined atmosphere, fencers of all origins are invited to (re)discover high quality equipment made in France.

Maison Prieur Paris

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