Fencing bags

Discover our complete range of PRIEUR SPORTS fencing bags from beginners to great competitors.

As fencers, you know how essential a fencing bag is to carry your equipment. That’s why we offer you a wide range of PRIEUR SPORTS fencing bags in different sizes, models and colors to accompany you during your fencing practice.

Most of our fencing bags have multiple pockets where you can store your personal belongings, fencing clothes and spare clothes and keep the essentials close by. Your wet clothes can be stored in a separate compartment to keep the rest of your belongings safe.

Some of our models such as our French team bag + cart and our ELITE bag have an edge bag and wheels. These features allow you to easily transport your piste equipment while quickly accessing your fencing equipment.

With Prieur Sports fencing bags, you can easily slip in your fencing clothes, your fencing shoes, your weapons (foil and/or epee and/or saber) as well as your fencing mask!

Whether you are an experienced fencer or a beginner, you will find in our range of fencing bags the model that best suits your needs!

We can offer you to flock your fencing bag at your convenience. Call us at to know the modalities and the prices.

Worldwide delivery: 2 to 10 days.

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