Since 1788, PRIEUR SPORTS has been an expert in the assembly of weapons and the manufacture of all fencing accessories… On the strength of this historical heritage, we have not ceased for many years to innovate and carry all our efforts in perfecting our weapons to allow our shooter friends to achieve the best performance possible.

Choosing a PRIEUR SPORTS weapon means perpetuating and honoring the French know-how and excellence that have made PRIEUR SPORTS its international reputation.

Epée, foils, sabres: you will find mounted weapons, ordinary blades, maraging steel blades and particularly Blaise Frères maraging blades* as well as all the equipment necessary to mount and repair your weapons!

Customize your weapon according to your lateralization (right-handed or left-handed), your age by choosing the size of your blade, according to your practice by selecting the type of blade: ordinary steel blade, maraging steel blade or steel blade maraging Blaise Frères* and your preferences (German tip or French tip).
You can also choose the type of handle from our models: rubber handle, PRIEUR SPORTS orthopedic handle or foreign Visconti handle, BM handle for easier handling.

* What does Blaise Frères or BF mean? Blaise Frères blades are unquestionably the best blades in the world and are forged in France near Saint-Etienne. They are very precise and of impeccable quality. Their conical shape and V-section give them exceptional rigidity. Approved by the International Fencing Federation (FIE), BF blades perfectly meet the quality criteria and standards imposed by the SEMI and are used in the most prestigious international competition

Worldwide delivery: 2 to 10 days.

Payment secured by Crédit Agricole.

Advice by telephone from Monday to Friday.