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Founded in 1788, PRIEUR-SPORTS is a FRENCH company specialized in the manufacture of fencing equipment of the equipping of fencing rooms and competition spaces.

  • 21,60 € 24,00 € -10%

    This washable faux leather glove is ideal for training and competition if you are a beginner and participate in national competitions. This washable faux leather glove is...

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  • 48,60 € 54,00 € -10%

    The first competition bag is ideal for equipment transport for young fencers: mask + protective outfit+ weapon+shoes. The first competition bag is...

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  • 58,50 € 65,00 € -10%

    The mini manual saber PRIEUR is intended to start the young fencers in the categories to practice saber. A minimum investment for a quality weapon. The mini manual saber PRIEUR is...

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  • 135,00 € 150,00 € -10%

    The YONEX POWER CUSHION absorbs shock then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement. It is a very good compromise between comfort, reactivity and drop shot. The YONEX POWER CUSHION absorbs shock...

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  • 117,00 € 130,00 € -10%

    The marging electric foil PRIEUR consists of a BF sheet (Blaise Frères), approved by the International Fencing Federation (IFF), when you select the hardness of the blade, just choose your handle (right Prieur, orthopaedic Prieur or orthopaedic foreign) and its tip (French or German). So your weapon will be completely customized and you will... The marging electric foil PRIEUR...

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  • 49,50 € 55,00 € -10%

    The guitar bag with outside pockets allows to transport the equipment for teen fencers. It is "Guitar" shaped with shoulder strap and gives great autonomy to the young fencer during transport.It may contain: a mask, one or two weapons and fencing outfit. The guitar bag with outside...

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  • 116,10 € 129,00 € -10%

    Treat yourself to a touch of fun! This coloured mask PRIEUR is manufactured in our workshops for decades. At each stage of the manufacturing process, our technicians provide the utmost care in checking the quality of their work so that you can indulge your passion practice safely. This model complies with the FFE standards and is especially suitable for... Treat yourself to a touch of fun!...

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  • 29,70 € 33,00 € -10%

    The faux leather glove with anti-slip coating inside of the hand is particularly appreciated by swordsmen. It is strong and washable. The faux leather glove with anti-slip...

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