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Club Benefits

Training gloves: buy at unbeatable prices

For training at the club, we offer lots of gloves (old standard with opening for the passage of the body thread) at unbeatable prices:

References Ref 1035 or 1040 (depending on available stock) for foil and epee
(possibility to mix sizes and laterality)

  • 10 gloves: 100€, or 10€ the glove.
  • 20 gloves: 180 €, or 9 € the glove.
  • 50 gloves: €375, or 7.50 per glove.

References 1070 and 1071 (depending on available stock) for the saber (Non FIE 800N)
(possibility to mix sizes and laterality)

  • 10 gloves: 150€, or 15€ per glove.
  • 20 gloves: 240€, or 12€ per glove.
  • 50 gloves: 500€, or 10€ per glove.

Our available stocks being limited, please call us at 03 80 72 72 24 to place your order.

Club Benefits

Customize your cushions

Arm yourself with the colors of a country or your club!

Prieur Sports now gives you the possibility to customize your leather epee, foil, saber or mini epee pads.

A minimum of 50 units is required for this customization to be done by us. For this type of request, do not hesitate to consult us (by email or by phone) so that we can confirm the feasibility of your project.

Club Benefits

Configure and customize your fencing equipment

To equip your clubs with articles made in France, of excellent quality and robustness in time, we can propose you:

  • Range of ambidextrous jackets
    , Very practical for you, (no more worrying about left and right handed). We can also brand them on the back with your club name.
  • Socks with your club logo
    Order by 84 minimum that you can mix and match in the desired sizes (minimum 6 in the size). Delays 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Flocked covers at your convenience.
    Please contact us for delivery time and price.
  • Specific T-shirts for your club.

Club Benefits

End-of-line stocks in batches

We have a large stock of excellent quality end-of-line products – mainly garments, gloves and covers – which we can offer at quite exceptional prices.

Simply call us at 03 80 72 72 24 and we will send you the list.

Club Benefits

We install the technical platform for your fencing competitions

Our expertise: from the local meeting to the Olympic Games

For almost a century, we have organized the technical platforms of numerous competitions, from the regional to the international level, since we have even organized those of the Olympic Games in Beijing, Athens, Sydney and London.

More recently, we were at the helm of the World Championships for cadets and juniors in Bourges, veterans in Limoges etc.

We have a fleet of the latest generation of signalling devices and reels, and four pieces of equipment for final runs with name display.

Call on us for successful competitions!

Club Benefits

We install and maintain your gun room

With more than 200 fencing halls to their credit, our technicians are able to maintain your fencing halls in the best possible way by regularly revising them, but also to imagine with you and your city or region, the construction of new fencing halls, or the installation of track equipment in multi-purpose rooms.

Specific studies at your request.

200 weapon rooms

Worldwide delivery: 2 to 10 days.

Payment secured by Crédit Agricole.

Advice by telephone from Monday to Friday.