At the forefront of innovation, PRIEUR SPORTS invented the threading of blades and pommels for foil in 1893. In 1975, after several years of research and development, PRIEUR SPORTS filed a new patent following the invention of electric points with contact breakage for foil and epee, which will avoid any risk of untimely triggering of weapons.

The quality of our foils has been established throughout the world for many years. This ancestral tradition is still at the heart of our business and we are proud to be able to manufacture your weapons by hand in our French workshops.

Choosing a PRIEUR SPORTS weapon means perpetuating and honoring the French know-how and excellence for which PRIEUR SPORTS is renowned.

Our foils, while performing well, are adapted to all types of practice, leisure or competition and to the age of the fencer. M9 to M13 ? The mini foils are made for you. Experienced competitors ? Our Blaise Frères* electric maraging foil will be perfect for your international competitions.

We guarantee a wide range of options according to your needs but always providing you with safety and performance.

Customize your foil according to your lateralization (right or left handed), by choosing the blade size of your age, by choosing the type of blade according to your practice: ordinary steel blade or Blaise Frères* maraging blade and your preferences (German point or French point).

You can also choose the type of handle among our models: rubber handle, orthopedic handle PRIEUR SPORTS or foreign Visconti for an easier grip.

Find a model adapted to your practice.

– You only need a foil for lessons and training in the fencing room: the non-electric foil will be the best quality/price ratio. It also protects your electric foil when not in use.
– For young fencers in the learning phase, categories M9 to M13, the non-electric mini foil will be perfect.
– Do you need to equip your child foilist in the M9 to M13 categories? Choose the electric mini foil for training as well as for competitions open to these age groups. The guard that makes it up is the smallest and therefore better adapted to their grip. However, be careful with the size of the blades depending on the age category of your child: Blade 0 for categories M9 to M11 and Blade 2 for category M13.
– If you practice foil as a hobby and participate in regional competitions, the electric foil will be perfect for you. (This weapon is only authorized from category M15).
– You are a born competitor and participate in national or international FIE competitions: choose the Blaise Frères* electric maraging foil (Note: the maraging blade is mandatory for international FIE competitions).

* What does Blaise Frères or BF mean? Blaise Frères blades are undoubtedly the best blades in the world and are forged in France near Saint-Etienne. They are very precise and of impeccable quality. Their conical shape and V-shaped section give them exceptional rigidity. Approved by the International Fencing Federation (FIE), BF blades perfectly meet the quality criteria and standards imposed by the SEMI and are used in the most prestigious international competitions.

Worldwide delivery: 2 to 10 days.

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