Raw orthopedic handle

Manufactured in our Burgundy workshops for decades, our raw (unpainted) PRIEUR SPORTS orthopedic handle can be used on both foils and epees. It allows an excellent precision of point. Made of aluminium, our PRIEUR SPORTS raw orthopedic handle is light and ergonomic. It will bring you maximum comfort.
The choice of the handle is important for the practice of fencing.

PRIEUR SPORTS manufactures its handles to bring you maximum comfort and performance.

Our PRIEUR SPORTS raw orthopedic handle weighs 105 grams.

680 Brand;


Our raw (unpainted) orthopedic handle PRIEUR SPORTS can be used on both foil and epee. It is known all over the world for its excellent ergonomics. Thanks to its lightness and its solidity, it will bring you a maximum comfort.



Weight 0,13 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1 × 16 cm

left-handed, right handed

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