Adult rubber sabre handle


Made in our Burgundy workshops, our PRIEUR SPORTS adult rubber sabre handle is an ergonomic handle for sabre with a 5 blade (from M15 category). Our rubber handle is made of a metal insert covered with injected rubber. It is very solid and non-slip. It is very solid and non-slip.

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We have innovated by making the best handle on the market to work on the push/index dexterity and to gain precision.
The design of the rubber handles was created by PRIEUR SPORTS.
Our PRIEUR SPORTS adult rubber sabre handle is suitable for fencers from M15 category (blade 5). The choice of the handle is important for the practice of fencing. Its lightness, its solidity and its ergonomics make it a very appreciated product. The exterior of our PRIEUR SPORTS rubber sabre handle is non-slip and allows a very good grip.

Our PRIEUR SPORT adult rubber sabre handle weighs 66 grams.



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Dimensions 14 × 2 × 14 cm

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