Children’s epee kit over 11 years

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In the kit epee child over 11 years you will find :

  • – The jacket fencing child 3 weapons 350N (ref 1625)
  • – The child’s 3 weapons fencing pants350N (ref 1635)
  • – Epee and foil glove (ref 1035)
  • – Fencing socks with buckles (ref 3265)
  • – The ambidextrous 800N child protection cuirass (ref 1865)

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350N 3 weapons fencing jacket for children


350N 3 weapons children’s fencing pants


Epee and foil glove color


Buckle socks


800 N ambidextrous child protection cuirass



Our 350N 3 weapons fencing jacket and pants (FFE certified) included in the children’s epee kit +11 years are perfectly suited to fencing in clubs or during national competitions. The French fabric of our children’s fencing clothing 350N 3 weapons is composed of 100% polyester mesh providing elasticity, flexibility and resistance to perforation.

Since its development, our 350N fabric has undergone 410 puncture tests to ensure the monitoring, performance, and seriousness necessary to guarantee your safety. Our 350N fabric, like all our other fabrics, is treated with a high quality UHT Flash (Ultra High Temperature Thermal Flash) to achieve optimal dye quality and greater dimensional stability when washed.

Perfect for foil and epee practice. Our epee and colored foil glove, made of imitation leather, is a perfect quality/price ratio for a weekly use during training and competitions.

Our soft coloured epee and foil glove included in the children’s epee kit +11 years is padded on the back of the hand for extra comfort and protection.

Our PRIEUR SPORTS fencing socks are made in France and are of excellent quality. They are particularly recommended for epee fencing.

Our 800N ambidextrous PRIEUR SPORTS child protection cuirass (FIE certified) is perfectly suited for club fencing and is mandatory during competitions from the M13 category in France and abroad.

We select our fabrics and components with the greatest care to offer you the most elaborate 800N ambidextrous PRIEUR SPORTS child protection cuirass on the market. The closure in the back allows a right or left handed use, which is very practical for clubs that lend or rent this equipment.

Our expert advice :

In order not to reduce the performance of your jacket, pants, socks and protective cuirass, they should not be washed at more than 30°C. Do not use chlorine or tumble dryers.

To increase the life of your coloured epee and foil glove, we advise you to take it out of your fencing bag after training and let it air dry.

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