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The electronic training target has been specially designed for fencing training in the gym or at home.

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Thefencing training target is composed of 5 targets that emit a red light (when the target needs to be hit) and a green light (when the target is hit).

Fully programmable equipment with the possibility of preparing 9 different exercises by determining several parameters for each exercise. The exercises adapt to the level of the fencer and his needs for improvement.

Characteristics of the exercises:

  • Type of Attack. An Attack is an action taken against the electronic target and, depending on the type of Attack, one or more targets must be hit. 7 types of Attacks are possible and are described below, specifying in each case how many targets light up and how they should be hit:

Type 1. One target, one key.
Type 2. One target, two keys in quick succession on the same target.
Type 3. One target, three keys in quick succession on the same target.
Type 4. Two targets at the same time, to touch the choice.
Type 5. Two targets in sequence, to be hit in sequence.
Type 6. Three targets at the same time, to be chosen.
Type 7. Three targets in sequence, to be touched in sequence.

  • Number of Attacks, programmable from 3 to 99.
  • Validity time of the Attack. It determines the time given to the student to execute the Attack.
  • Downtime after an Attack. Time given to the student to restrain themselves and prepare for the next Attack.
  • Maximum random time. The choice of the moment of ignition of the target is made at random. The student ignores the moment when it turns on and therefore develops rapid reflexes.

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Note:A fencing room can significantly increase the number of students by setting up a few targets, which will keep students busy by stimulating them to achieve specific goals.

Students see the result of each key and the total average result at the end of the exercise. The latter is useful to the fencing master to assess the level and, if so, to move on to more complex exercises. They apply themselves and have fun, measuring themselves against each other as in a level competition. In each type of exercise they can also see the record of the last 100 exercises executed, creating a goal to achieve.

Characteristics of the fencing training target:

The screen displaying the different information is key-proof. This one displays: 1) Active exercise number, 2) Number of Attacks to be executed, 3) Total time for each Attack, in seconds, tenths and hundredths of a second, 4) Final result for the financial year, 5) Best Attack time executed during the exercise, 6) Record of the last 100 years executed for each type of exercise.

  • Robust front panelconsisting of several polycarbonate and PVC plates. The tip of the weapon does not slip.
  • Key damping system that prevents deterioration of weapon tips.
  • Box with stainless steel frame. Painted parts are excluded because they could be damaged by the keys.
  • No keyboards, as they could be damaged by the blows of weapons. The command and programming functions run directly on the targets.
  • The wall mounts provided make it possible to quickly place the target at one of the 6 planned heights, 8 cm from each other, to adapt it to the size of each student.
  • The valid area of the target varies according to the impact speed, and the peripheral surface of the target, on the other hand, requires a greater impact force than that of the central surface. This makes it possible to demand better accuracy for slow actions, such as those performed at standstill, while the tolerance is greater for fast actions, such as those performed in motion.
  • Audible warning of target hit (deactivable).
  • Power Supply: 12Vdc-ac 300mA. Equipped with 100-240V/12Vdc power supply, the plug type of which is chosen when ordering. The target can also be powered by an external rechargeable battery (see Optional Accessories).
  • Dimensions and weight: 63x46x5cm , 7,4Kg
    Optional accessories (not included):

Foot for fencing training target(reference 3348): Useful accessory when the wall supports of the target can not be fixed to the wall or when the target is used for demonstrations or short training. The support foot must still be pressed against a wall to prevent it from moving or falling because of the keys.

Rechargeable battery (reference 828): Useful accessory to power the electronic target in the absence of a power supply installation. The typical battery life is 55 hours. The battery has a cable of only 35 cm. It is therefore necessary, when placed on the floor, to use it with the extension cord.

– Battery charger (reference 169)

– Extension 115 cm (reference 828.5)



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Dimensions 70 × 50 × 7 cm

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