Titanium epee guard


Our PRIEUR SPORTS titanium epee guard is the guard of choice for competitors who want to put all the assets on their side to win. Its titanium coating gives it the particularity of being lighter and stronger. Opt for the best performing guard in its category.

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OurPRIEUR SPORTS titanium epee guard is particularly suitable for adult fencers who are looking for performance.

Its titanium construction gives it incredible properties.

Did you know?

Titanium has an excellent resistance to corrosion. Thus, our PRIEUR SPORTS epee guard will not oxidize.

Titanium is also very ductile which allows it to deform without breaking allowing our PRIEUR SPORTS epee guardnot to break despite the blows it will receive.

Titanium is also one of the lightest materials, it is for example 40% lighter than steel. Our guard is therefore THE lightest in its category.

In short, if you are looking for competitiveness and achievement, put all the chances on your side by choosing our PRIEUR SPORTS titanium electric sabre guard.

Weight : 104 grams
Diameter : 13 cm



Weight 0,104 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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